Gifts of Time & Talent


We want to emphasize that stewardship is not just about money, pledges, open plate offerings, and special seasonal and emergency collections. It really is about the gifts of time and talent as well. Some of our members and friends give very generously of their time and spiritual gifts to make this parish work: in liturgy, music, hospitality, Christian education for the young, parish governance, outreach, service, pastoral concern, and in representing St. John's in some of the ecumenical and interfaith outreach programs in which we participate, as well as in countless other ways. Some give very generously of their talents and practical skills: things get done; things get taken care of; problems get solved; repairs get made; spaces get cleaned up; and decisions are made and implemented - because of individual's giftedness and willingness to share those gifts. God bless you in your sharing of time, talent and treasure!

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