Socks for Souls

53004The Appalachian Trail passes right through the heart of our village of Salisbury. As a convenient spot along the 2,181 miles of mostly wilderness trails between Springer Mountain in Georgia and Mount Katahdin in Maine, Salisbury is a welcome stop for many thru-hikers. You're likely to see them all season taking full advantage of being able to get their mail, stock up on a few groceries, replenish supplies, get an ice cream cone, and maybe pay a visit to St. John's.

St. John's parishioners have reached out to hikers, who, by the time they've made it to Salisbury, are often in desperate need of some new socks.

It started out small, but the ministry has gotten big enough to merit buying socks in bulk. Recently, one member of the parish, Barbara Hesse, hand knitted some beautiful socks for hikers. Their journey will be doubly blessed.

We've met hikers from all over the world in our Socks for Souls Ministry. Check out the Journal of comments made by hikers who appreciated the socks, as well as the beauty of the sanctuary.  A donation of $5.00 buys two pairs of rag socks for the hikers. If you would like to help out, any support is greatly appreciated.

“Journal from our Hikers”

Ethan Lennox (Easy Stride) Marian, IN

Thank you!Sarah Clingan (snow white) Des Moines, IA, Thank you & God Bless

Enoch – Dayton, FL,  Thanks!Cloud – Morgan town, PA

Metro(g)nome, PA  Thank you for your kindness

Bon Chance, PA  God Bless!

Tinkle fingers Pittsburgh, PA Perfect gift thank you for the love I’m not in need of socks, but I wanted to say thank you for leaving your doors open Akron, OH

Thank-you, thank – you, missionary

Iver the backpack driver. NYC, NY

Chris “Namaste” Babb Medford Lakes, NJ - Thank you for the sanctuary and the socks.  Beautiful church, beautiful life, Bless you.  You have warmed a stranger’s heart & feet.P.S. Tom Haines is a good man!  Off to Maine!

“Roman Catholic” is my trail name, I appreciate the socks!  You are the first church I am glad I came!  I am a Jesuit a pilgrimage very grateful for the present!!  God Bless R.C.

Kordell & Steve from Maryland hiking sections from MA to CT.  Thank you for the gift they will be much appreciated.

Thor Beatin homeFree-man from Sebago, Maine.  Hiking the AT for mile 2000 – GA.  Thank you so much for the fresh fruit and the cake was amazing!  Thank you.

Thursday, 05 August 2010, A free pair of new sox is very tempting.  But I declined.  Your church doors open to a sanctuary with some of the most beautiful stained glass windows I have ever seen and which was filled with soothing, sacred choral music, all of which I had all to myself, was a temptation I could not, would not, and did not resist.  Thank you a peacefulness which was not unlike that which I find hiking the Appalachian Trail alone late into the night.  Jim Byrd, “Jaybird” 8:322 p.m.

This was a surprise! Thank you. SloGo, MD

Mike (& Laura) – thanks for the socks, mine really smell… (Seattle, WA)

Mountain Mike & Pumpkin (dog) Jacksonville, FL

Thank you kindly for the socks! – Sobo – Wasabi Clydesdale (Gray, ME)

Thank you Very Much!  Boddijka, Oxford, UK

Thank you very much for the thoughtful generosity!  Clover and Cha Cha Coconut

From Central MA, Section hiking in CT, MA and VT. Thanks! Shannon, Bridget, Jacob.

Thank you for this thoughtful gesture – Fyrious

Thank you so much! – Your open doors kept me dry during and afternoon storm., Tree – Gainesville, VA

Thank you. Casper, VT

Thank you and god bless love non cardboard socks!! - 15 degree Timer

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